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Results Washington

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Governor Jay Inslee introduced Washington state’s performance management system, Results Washington, in September 2013, outlining his priorities for the state. The Governor established this strategic framework for his administration to set the state’s vision and mission, as well as the foundational expectation of all state agencies to achieve goals collaboratively. WSDOT and other Washington state agencies are working hard to implement reporting systems that will meet the Governor’s performance goals.

Results Washington combines aspects of previous performance management systems such as former Gov. Gregoire’s Government, Management, Accountability, and Performance, and her Priorities of Government with a significantly expanded Lean initiative that involves all state agencies. This initiative will provide both policy leaders and the public with detailed information about progress toward the governor’s goals. As a part of Results Washington, agencies will strategically apply Lean thinking, tools and techniques across state government operations to eliminate waste and create more value for the taxpayers.

Results Washington builds upon previous efforts to deliver value and transparency to taxpayers as it:

  • Clearly aligns numerous activities around the state’s mission and vision
  • Expands performance improvement efforts to include all state agencies as well as boards and commissions
  • Increases frequency of reporting and forums on results so legislators and the public have regular access to up to-date performance results
  • Increases the level of collaboration among state agencies and their partners
  • Better integrates improvement efforts, such as Lean, in everyday operations
  • Simplifies data so it is easier to use and more accessible
  • Emphasizes engagement with citizens, employees and stakeholders

Gov. Inslee’s five focus areas for Results Washington:

  • World Class Education
  • Prosperous Economy
  • Sustainable Energy and a Clean Environment
  • Healthy and Safe Communities
  • Efficient, Effective and Accountable Government

Transportation is directly aligned with the Governor’s plans. Improving Washington’s infrastructure and building a more sustainable transportation system are two of the six outcomes that the Inslee administration will strive to accomplish in building a prosperous economy.

Gov. Inslee recognizes that Washington’s economic health is fundamentally linked to the infrastructure WSDOT builds and maintains. Improving infrastructure assets — from bridges and roads to ferries and broadband Internet — allows people and goods to move efficiently, improving Washington state’s ability to be competitive. Further, connecting our communities with better transportation options supports improved health and safety outcomes.